Julep Maven February 2014 Reveal + News

Okay! So there’s a couple things to cover about Julep today. First off, last month I finally bit the bullet and joined the Julep Maven program. Julep is a monthly nail polish & beauty subscription box. There’s no waitlist and it’s $19.99/month with free shipping! You can accumulate rewards points (Joules) and cash them in for extras or a free box. Mavens are also able to skip a monthly box with no penalty. Obviously, this is a huge selling factor in a sub box service and it’s the policy that made me finally give in. Until I found out that I joined just a few days too late. See in a post on Julep’s Blog, Jane explained some new policies that apply to all Julep Mavens who joined after December 18th, 2013.

“Everyone will still have the flexibility to try a new style, pick a “Core Classics” box, send to a friend, or cancel at any time.  However, in order to make sure that we’re never out of stock on the fabulous new product offerings coming to Maven, we’re simplifying the skip feature for our new Mavens.  Starting with the February Maven Box, new Mavens will have flexibility to earn a skip every six months. And, of course, if you’re currently a Maven who joined before December 18, 2013, you are “grandmothered” in to the original terms with no changes to your skip options.”

(Quote from this post, emphasis mine.)

This is ridiculous. Maybe I’m a little bitter because I joined on December 21st, but this is pretty outrageous. Julep is a slightly expensive box and while it has great value, sometimes it’s just not to my tastes or budget. But now without the ability to skip those months and buy the boxes I do want, the responsible choice is for me to cancel my subscription. Without even getting to try a box. Yay. I’ll save my money for sale days and get the few colours I enjoy. It’s just not an option for me to commit to every single Maven box. Can’t do it. Not worth the credit card debt. Alright, not worth the *additional* credit card debt. I also really dislike how sneaky they were about announcing this. If I hadn’t been looking for information on the eye sheens, I never would have read this and found out. I’ll be cancelling my sub and I’ll report on how it goes.

For all you lovelies that are Mavens and haven’t checked your accounts yet and for all the lovelies that are interested in what the Maven boxes look like, here’s the February 2014 Reveal.


boho glam

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